Childrens Party Magician in West Midlands

Have you ever seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly before your eyes? Well with Keith’s unique close up magic for children in West Midlands you will. Keith has developed close up magic for children as an alternative to a West Midlands magic show when the flow of people leaving and arriving, such as restaurants, fetes, or open days in shops would make a West Midlands magic show inaccessible to some of your clientele. We can also provide this service, as with all our services to entertain at your West Midlands wedding.

Wedding Magician in West Midlands

Keith has performed at lots weddings in and around West Midlandsand wedding entertainment is one of his most rewarding types of magic. Wedding Magicians are becoming a must have- and one that can entertain with childrens magic as well as wedding entertainment for adults is a rarity. So if you are looking for Wedding Entertainment ideas in West Midlands why not hire a Magician for your Wedding Reception Entertainment. The next big question is "how much does a Magician cost to Hire?" - Call or email Keith now for your personalised quote using the contact page

Face Painting in West Midlands

We offer a selection of faces, such as Spiderman, Batman, pirates, Dracula, butterflies, princess’, flower girls, tigers, lions, cats, dogs, and many more. We can also paint on the back of the hand or do a smaller cheek design for those youngsters who do not want a full face. Face painting in West Midlands can be an optional extra with our West Midlands magic and balloon shows, or our West Midlands disco, games and West Midlands magic shows, or we can provide face painting on its own. We use Snazarroo paints and all of our paints are dated, so, that are always used well within their safe usage time. If you wish to have the face painting in with any of our other options, don’t worry; the children will not miss the entertainment as we have a system, so that the children do not have to queue.

Mr. Crackers the Clown in West Midlands

Keith’s clown is suitable for thoseWest Midlands events when a colourful character is required to attract attention to your West Midlands event, West Midlands shop, West Midlands fete or West Midlands stall. Mr Crackers is ideal for the turning on of the Christmas lights in West Midlands, open days, 1st birthdays and more. Mr Crackers the Clown will perform pocket magic, suitable for all ages, balloons and will entertain people whilst they are queuing.